About Us

SecuriFocus.com is the first online news and information portal specializing in the security services market in Hungary. One year after the founding of the company in 2004, SecuriFocus Ltd. started its workforce selection and personnel consulting business specializing in security.

Online company and product information helps the users to find out data about the security market - among many services and numerous providers. This way the customer site can find business-specific information in thematic groupings (manned guarding, cash transit, electronic security, information protection, body guarding, fire protection ...). The appearance in the company database is free of charge for all registered security companies, professional organizations, associations, education and training institutions.

In addition to corporate information services, the portal also provides other information related to the security area such as news / current affairs, job ads, company news, personal news, calendar of events.

The company sends weekly newsletters to the widest range of professional security people with security news as well as product information topics.

Under the Personnel Service Package, SecuriFocus Ltd. performs head hunting, manpower search for both security users, security companies and any other market player, who need qualified, professionally selected and supervised security specialists.

The management of SecuriFocus Kft.:
András Orosz was previously the founder, managing director of the American Sensormatic in Hungary and the Regional Director in Eastern Europe, and then Executive Director of UK-owned Securicor Hungary;
Judit Imre worked for Reuters Hungary as marketing leader.